The power company, which reported the alleged theft, noticed a

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canada goose factory sale Yes you could be pregnant. Urine tests can take a few weeks to show a result. See your doctor for a blood test. Police in north China’s Tianjin Municipality regarding it as the largest power theft in recent years also confiscated eight high power fans supposedly used for cooling the computers on Tuesday, reported Chinese news agency Xinhua.The power company, which reported the alleged theft, noticed a sudden spike in line loss on one electricity line, up to 28 percent at the peak. The phenomenon is usually closely related to an increased load current.As per the report, five people are under investigation and one person has been detained.Also Read: Energy consumed by bitcoin miners around the world is more than over 150 countriesMining bitcoin is an energy intensive task as it requires computers with high processing power. The monthly electric charge of 600 such computers in China is estimated at hundreds of thousands of yuan (1 yuan= Rs 11).The central bank of China had earlier in the year recommended restrictions on electricity supply to bitcoin miners.In January, China accounted for over 70 percent of the bitcoin network’s collective hash rate. canada goose factory sale

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