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Dear Patient

Over the past 18 months DB Dentalcare has not received  the same level of COVID-19 support payments that other practices continue to receive. This has made it financially nearly impossible to keep this business viable. It has been a stressful time for myself and my staff, however, we have worked against the odds and provided over DOUBLE the amount of NHS care that the government required to guarantee financial support.

This has been provided by one dentist as opposed to three, the number that we had before Covid. Due to restrictions it is still not appropriate to increase the capacity of the practice to work with three full surgeries.

We have continued to work under massive financial pressure,  time constraints and growing frustrations from patients to see and treat as many patients as we can. We have had to prioritise certain groups of patients and treatments like emergencies and we will continue to do this until there is a decision made on the future of NHS dentistry in Scotland.

NHS dentistry only works for dental practices financially based on a high number of patients being seen per day. Patient volume is the one thing that the pandemic has negatively affected and led to the government support payments.

Funding aside, NHS dentistry is very basic treatment that has been described in the Scottish Parliament as ‘not fit for purpose’. Dentists are unable to perform some treatments that would be seen as routine and the best option, have to budget for materials, and time. NHS dentistry needs a massive revamp and this was discussed in the Scottish parliament on 23rd Feb 2022.

Over the course of the pandemic, My staff and I have made a massive effort to inform patients of the difficulties that the practice has faced, the difficult decisions that the Scottish Government need to make, and what the practice can offer patients.

It is important that patients have all the information available before making an informed decision on their care. It is also important from our point of view for patients to understand the current situation that we face.

We are happy to speak to anyone with any concerns regarding their dental treatment and what we can offer.

The health of all of our patients is our primary concern. Please bear with us.

Kind Regards

Stuart McGrow

Telephone: 0141 952 1513

Mobile: 07783349063

Email: smile@dbdentalcare.com


DB Dental Care  is an established family dental practice treating patients of Clydebank and beyond for the last 40 years. We pride ourselves on the relaxed atmosphere and comfort that we can offer our patients. Situated in a converted terraced cottage we can boast a unique dental environment in which we offer a wide range of dental treatments.

We are also proud to be one of a small percentage of dental practices that are involved in the training and development of newly qualified dentists at such an exciting time in their careers. The enthusiasm and fresh ideas that are therefore constantly being introduced into the practice keep us up to date and current with the ever changing profession.

At DB Dental Care we treat patients both under the NHS and on a Private basis and are able to welcome and register all new patients.

We are excited to offer our own DB Dental Care Plan. This is an affordable dental plan that covers more frequent health checks and hygiene visits. It also offers our members a 20% discount on all private treatment.


Our practice is also involved with Clyde 1 Cash for Kids, we help support Children and Families in our local area.

If you are interested in registering with us or would like like further information please feel free to contact us.


NHS and Private

We offer a range of services at DB Dental Care. From NHS to Private . Full details are available on our services page.


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