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Dentistry is Changing

Many people are struggling to find a dentist and are rightly concerned about the future of their oral health.

I am passionate about my profession and the standard of care that I provide. I have been involved with teaching dental students and newly qualified dentists for over 17 years as well as owning DB Dentalcare for 8 years. I feel that my experience in different areas of dentistry gives me an authority to express my opinion on the failings of the current system of NHS Dental Care in Scotland.

As a teacher, I am sad to see that the NHS system does not allow my students to provide the gold standard level of care that they have been trained to provide when they qualify.

I am also sad to see the number of young dentists who are leaving the profession, due to being disillusioned with the current NHS system, this includes one of our own dentists who left the profession entirely at the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic.

As a business owner I am also disappointed by the government’s continued lack of clarity in the future of NHS dentistry. The lack of financial support that THIS practice received during COVID 19 aside, there are no positive signs that the government are listening to the Scottish and British Dental Unions to make NHS dentistry financially viable for dental practices going forward.

It is my aim to show patients the future of dentistry for the majority lies away from the NHS.

The majority of people who want to see the dentist or hygienist every 6 months will NOT be able to under the new government guidelines. The continuity of care and the supportive environment of seeing people regularly will just not be possible and for me as BOTH a dentist and a patient, this is the most convincing argument for change.

The future of dentistry MUST be about the prevention of disease and that is what we are offering with our dental plan.

We are offering all new patients a three-month trial membership to our dental plan for £59.95. This includes a full examination and a hygiene appointment. A clinical risk assessment will be carried out to assess your risk of dental disease to allow us to place you in the appropriate membership level should you decide to stay with us.

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