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buy canada goose jacket Super FerryOn that Sunday evening at eight, Melva, Jinky and I were on board on the Super Ferry bound for Cebu. We were so excited. After bringing our luggages to our cabin, we went strolling on deck taking photos mostly of ourselves. The Right Path for Washington County thanks our community for their support of our 9th annual Spagna Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser held March 17. Without the hardworking crew at Spagna owner Kevin Whitby special sauce, Robert Farley who puts it all together, Patti Knotts for organizing the kitchen, and our hardworking board, this event would not be possible!! Thank you to all those that bought tickets, shared flyers, media messages and ate spaghetti. Thanks to Judge Williams for spending his birthday bussing tables and event chair Karen Waller for recruiting the workers. buy canada goose jacket

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