Digital Dentistry

At DB Dentalcare we are proud to use the very latest in digital technology to make our level of service and care as up-to-date and comfortable as possible.

We take regular digital scans of all of our plan patient’s teeth at examination appointments. This gives us not only very accurate HD three dimensional images for patient records but allows us to show patients very clearly all their teeth in very precise detail.

We are able to use our scanner as well as accurate digital photography to show patients potential outcomes of treatments prior to commencing. It also allows us to avoid having to take impressions of our patient’s teeth.

A digital change is happening in every aspect of our lives. Digital dentistry is the future of dentistry and we are already a part of that.

BENEFITS OF USING Digital scanner

  • No-mess procedure with no gooey mould material placed inside your mouth
  • Painless and comfortable, especially beneficial for those who have a strong gag reflex
  • Quick impression taking – scanning a full arch of teeth takes only 1 minute to complete
  • 3D model of the teeth and gums are created within the same appointment as the impression taking
  • Highly accurate impressions obtained, resulting in the creation of extremely precise aligners and teeth restorations
  • Provides you with a glimpse of your future smile even before the treatment starts



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